Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Variegatum'

Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Variegatum'

Description: A very attractive large shrub or small tree. Evergreen leaves are glossy green, wavy edged with a white margin and always look good especially against the thin black stems. Though not noted for its flowers these are chocolate brown, very nicely vanilla scented and produced in Spring.

Uses: Well deserved popular plant providing a fresh background in the back of any border and for hedging. Also popular with florists as a long lasting cut foliage.

Climate/Position: Sun or light shade, good for coastal positions, prefers some shelter in coldest district but now seen to be hardier in UK than first thought.

Height/Spread: Large shrub or small tree can reach 6 metres x 3 metres.

Soil Requirements: All types of well drained soil.

Pruning: Generally not required but will respond well to pruning. Can be used as a hedge which can be pruned April or July.

Special Requirements: Avoid cold North or East winds to avoid leaf scorch.

Additional Interest: Known by the Maori of its native New Zealand as kohuhu or kohukohu.  Noted for evergreen foliage, usually black stems, late spring  flowers which are honey scented especially in the evenings. Plants can be found with hermaphrodite flowers, or separate male and female flowers or with male or female flowers only. Some cultivars are very similar and only readily distinguished by the sex of the flower. The species grows wild in the coastal and lower mountain forests of both the North and South islands up to an altitude of 900m. 

Many new cultivars now introduced.  Also grown as a foliage plant for the floristry industry.