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Pinus wallichiana

Pinus wallichiana

Description: A large elegant tree with a graceful habit.  The very long soft, grayish green needles are in clusters of five and have a distinctive kink about 5 cm from the branch and give the overall effect of a soft texture. This is a hardy conifer from the Himalayas which is best grown as a specimen where the branches can reach to the floor.

Uses: Excellent in a large garden or park where it can be grown as a specimen.

Climate/Position: Sunny site prefered

Height/Spread: 15 metres up to 20 metres when fully mature 

Soil Requirements: Most soils but avoid shallow chalk soils.

Pruning: Lower branches can be removed if needed but no pruning required 

Special Requirements: 

Additional Interest: Introduced from the Himalayas by Dr Wallich in the 1820s