Pieris japonica 'Mountain Fire'

Pieris japonica 'Mountain Fire'

Description: A very hardy variety with the new shoots emerging as red then turning to softer chestnut brown. The large glossy evergreen leaves then turn to fresh dark green for summer.  In addition the plant produces a mass of white bell flowers in long racemes which cascade over the foliage in the spring .

Uses: The plant is perfect for patio planters, a partly shady shrub border or Pieris are great for a woodland border.

Climate / Position: Best in light/partial shade, sheltered from cold winds and early morning sun.

Height / Spread: Height 1.2 metre x spread 1 metre

Soil Requirements: Plant in humus rich, well drained, acidic / ericaceous soil. Mulch in winter with leaf mould

Pruning: No pruning required.

Special Requirements: Pieris are shallow rooted and do not like being planted too deeply. Plant in a sheltered spot sheltered from cold winds and early morning sun as they flower better in dappled shade.

Additional Interest: This is a genus of Ericaceous flowering plants from Asia and North America, classified in 1834 by David Don, 1799-1841. He named the genus after the Pierides or nine muses of mythology. The parent plant P. japonica was first collected and described by noted physician Carl Thunberg while working for the Dutch East India Company in Japan and was introduced in 1784 as Andromeda japonica and .  It was introduced under P. japonica to the west in England by 1870 as the most cold hardy of all species. Pieres japonica are also native to eastern China and Taiwan.