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Peach 'J H Hale' PLEACHED

Peach 'J H Hale' PLEACHED

Description: Peach 'J H Hale' is an old variety and reputedly, still one of the best. Supplied here with a 1 meter clear stem on a hardwood frame. It flowers late with a fruit harvest in mid summer. The fruit is large, round and uniform with a smooth, almost fuzzless skin with a free stone. The flesh is yellow and sweet and is ideal for bottling, baking or delicious eaten fresh.

Uses: A wonderful addition to a kitchen garden or orchard or on a sunny, sheltered wall-side or fence in the garden. Can also be grown in containers. Sometimes grown purely for its exquiste, fragrant blossom.

Climate/Position: Full sun.

Height/Spread: Dependant on stem and frame height.

Soil Requirements: Fertile, well drained with good moisture.

Pruning: Prune as per RHS guidelines. Details can be found in the RHS Pruning and Training (Revised New Edition) book.

Special Requirements: This peach requires a pollinator tree planted nearby to ensure a crop. Place in a sheltered position and apply a periodic fertiliser to aid good fruit production.

Additional Interest: The fruits are resistant to bruising.