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Paulownia tomentosa

Paulownia tomentosa

Description: A distinctive fast growing tree with large leaves and soft purple flowers.  The upright panicles of foxglove like sweetly scented flowers appear on mature specimens in early summer (May to June )and give a very showy display unlike any other tree which can grow in the UK. The large leaves are hairy and the plant can be grown as a shrub pruned annually to give a display or very large leaves only.

Uses: As a specimen in a larger garden or at the back of a large mixed border. If grown for foliage only then a sunny border or plant against a wall in courtyard or a smaller garden.

Climate/Position: Full sun, sheltered site.

Height/Spread: If unpruned can reach 12 metres x 10 metres.

Soil Requirements: Any deep well drained soils which should be free draining to avoid winter wet.

Pruning: Generally no pruning required but can be grown as a Large shrub and pollarded annually to give extremely large and exotic looking leaves.  In which case prune to the ground annually in spring.

Special Requirements: Sheltered site.  When grown as a tree ensure it can be viewed from a distance or even from above to ensure the flowers are seen to give a striking display.

Additional Interest: Introduced via Japan in 1834 The tree was named after Anna Pavlovna, daughter of Czar Paul 1 and wife of Prince Willem of the Netherlands.