Parrotia persica

Parrotia persica

Description: A large shrub or small tree of wide spreading habit. The green wavy edged leaves which resemble hazel, turn the most spectacular colours in autumn. Shades of yellow, red and orange light up the area and means this plant has a deservedly popular reputation.

For best effect, the plant should be given adequate space for its wide spreading habit and therefore a large garden or parkland situation is needed.

Climate/Position: Full sun or partial shade

Height/Spread: 8 x 10 metres - wide spreading

Soil Requirements: Well drained soil, preferably acidic.

Pruning: If grown as a large shrub then branches should remain left unpruned so they spread out even at ground level. If grown as a tree then lower branches are removed.

Special Requirements:

As its name suggests, the Persian ironwood originates from what used to be called Persia, now known as Iran. Noted for its almost indestructible hard wood - hence common name ironwood. Named after German Horticulturist F W Parrot (or was he Russian? there seems to be a conflict of opinion)