Osteospermum jucundum

Osteospermum jucundum

Description: Small herbaceous perennial / sub shrub from South Africa with aromatic grey-green leaves which has proved very hardy in the UK. Delicate daisy like flowers of bronze – pink are produced freely from spring through to autumn. Grow at the front of a border to spill out over the border edge.

Excellent in a sunny spot for long lasting flushes of summer colour.

Climate / Position: Full sun, slightly sheltered site.

Height / Spread: Height 10-15cm. Spread 20-25cm.

Soil Requirements: Moist but well drained soil and tolerates a chalky, sandy soil.

Pruning : Dead head regularly to encourage flowering and bushiness. Can be trimmed in spring to encourage bushy growth nearer the centre of the plant.

Special Requirements: None required.