Olearia ramulosa 'Blue Stars'

Olearia ramulosa 'Blue Stars'

Description: Small twiggy shrub with arching stems and small linear leaves.  In summer the stems are clothed with small dainty flowers which unlike the usual white of Oleria are purplish blue and are most attractive and give the bush a very soft and delicate appearance. 

Uses: Suited to container planting or can be grown indoors under cold glass or in a conservatory.  Hardy only in protected sites.

Climate/Position: Sunny sheltered position

Height/Spread: Up to 1.2 metres

Soil Requirements: Well drained but moist soil.

Pruning: Generally not required but if needed then cut several older stems to the base and new shoots to grow rather than cut the arching stems in half otherwise the informal shape will be lost.

Special Requirements: Protected site or provide protection in winter.

Additional Interest: The species colonizes sand dunes in southern Australia which is why it is slightly tender and needs free draining soils.