Nandina domestica 'Wood's Dwarf'

Nandina domestica 'Wood's Dwarf'

Description: A dwarf and compact form of the sacred bamboo (not actually a bamboo)reaching only 80cm. In spring, the new leaves emerge pinky-red, turn green throughout the summer, and in autumn the leaves turn a brilliant deep red which darkens through the winter and so gives near year round interest. A clean and disease resistant plant which is good for the smaller garden and suitaed to container growing. Also good for planting in groups in the front of a border.

Climate/Position: Some sun will produce the best colouring, but sheltered partial shade is also acceptable.

Height/Spread: up to 80cm x 50cm

Soil Requirements: Prefers a rich soil which is acid to neutral. Moist conditions in summer ensure lush growth but soil should not remain wet in winter.

Pruning: A low maintenance shrub. No pruning required.

Special Requirements: