Melaleuca squamea

Melaleuca squamea

Description: An unusual shrub from the mountainous ranges of Tasmania which has proved hardy in the UK in sunny loactions. Evergreen, aromatic, grey spiky foliage provides a fantastic foil for the dainty mauve bottle-brush like flowers produced in summer. Flowers are produced directly from the stem. The shrub has an overall upright habit with semi-erect branches. Develops corky bark when mature.

Climate / Position: Plant in full sun in a sheltered position.

Height / Spread: Height 1.5m. Spread 1m

Soil Requirements: Fertile, moist but well drained soil.

Pruning: Remove wayward shoots in late winter / early spring.

Special Requirements: Shelter from cold, drying winds and midday sun.

Frost hardy in the UK. Found in habitats ranging from rain-forests to cool temperate zones.