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Malus x robusta 'Red Sentinel'

Malus x robusta 'Red Sentinel'

Description: A beautiful crab apple noted for its superb mass of rich red fruit produced in autumn which persist through winter and provide feed for birds in late winter. Large clusters of white apple blossom scented flowers in spring are additional interst and maintain wildlife interest attracting insects for pollination.

A round headed tree good for use in parks and gardens, particularly good for wildlife.

Climate/Position: Full sun or partial shade.

Height/Spread: Medium tree reaching 7m x 6m.

Soil Requirements: Moist well drained soil moderately fertile.

Pruning: Minimal pruning except for removing any damaged or crossing branches.

Special Requirements: For best fruiting results then plant other Malus nearby ( or check if the neighbour has a Malus tree!) to ensure good pollination. This results in regular and more prolific fruiting.

Introduced in 1959