Malus 'Rudolph'

Malus 'Rudolph'

Description: A small tree which is stunning when in full bloom as it produces some of the largest single pink flowers on any Malus variety. In the summer the tree is fresh green with leaf colour and in autumn small, dark purple fruits develop and persists until Christmas. Very large pink flowers and dark green foliage and small red fruit.

Uses: Garden situation, suited for the back of a border or as a specimen in the smaller garden.

Climate/Position: Full sun or partial shade.

Height/Spread: Small tree reaching only 7m x 6m.

Soil Requirements: Moist well drained soil moderately fertile.

Pruning: Minimal pruning except for removing any damaged or crossing branches.

Special Requirements: For best fruiting results then plant other Malus nearby ( or check if the neighbour has a Malus tree!) to ensure good pollination. This results in regular and more prolific fruiting.

Additional Interest: Cultivar raised in Canada