Malus domestica 'Greensleeves'

Malus domestica 'Greensleeves'

Description: An ideal garden apple which is easy to manage and crops freely with apples of a good flavour. Fruit are pale green turning pale yellow which ripen in September. Can be left on the tree until late October so can still be eaten fresh from the tree. Will store until November.

Crisp and juicy with a slightly sharp flavour.

Climate/Position: Sunny open position preferred.

Height/Spread: Ideal garden apple. See rootstock type for height and spread.

Soil Requirements: See rootstock type for preferred soil.

Pruning: Generally an easy to manage habit of growth. However, this will again depend somewhat on rootstock and the trained shape of the plant. Regular pruning in winter as required will ensure high quality fruit. A managed, open shape avoiding bushy foliage will reduce risk of disease.

Special Requirements: Though Greensleeves can be self fertile, for best results it is advisable to have more than one apple tree to ensure good pollination. As Greensleeves is a mid season flowering variety then another mid season flowering variety such as 'Fiesta' or James Grieve' is recommended.

A modern variety raised in Kent in 1966 which is a cross between 'James Grieve' and 'Golden Delicious' In theory Greensleeves marries the sweet flavour of its Golden Delicious parent balanced by the acidity of its other parent, James Grieve. It can be hard and sharp early in the season but mellows later.