Mahoberberis miethkeana

Mahoberberis miethkeana

Description: This plant is a hybrid of Mahonia and Berberis with the best assets of both on one plant. The shiny, evergreen foliage is variable with some leaves looking like a Mahonia leaf with long spines and others shorter with short spines. The shrub has a dense and upright habit. Yellow flowers are produced late in the year and are followed by glossy black berries. The foliage turns bright red in the winter.

This plant is great for security hedging and is useful in situations where deer are a problem.

Climate/Position: Full sun or partial shade.

Height/Spread: up to 1.5 m spread 2 metres

Soil Requirements: Fertile, moist but well drained humus rich soil.

Pruning: Can be pruned after flowering.

Special Requirements: None required

Also listed as synonymous name Aquisargentii. This is a bi-generic hybrid which technically has a X before its name. This indicates it is a hybrid between two genus in the same family and is an unusual plant of botanical interest.