Lonicera nitida 'Ophelie'

Lonicera nitida 'Ophelie'

Description: This shrubby version of Honeysuckle has a mass of small evergreen golden leaves. This new variety will keep its attractive yellow foliage in the sun and will not burn. Later in the summer the leaves will soften to light green. Ideal for mass planting as a spreading ground cover plant, and good for bringing golden colour to a darker corner.

Climate/Position: Plant in full sunlight for best colouring but also shade tolerant. Avoid cold and exposed sites

Height/Spread: 60 cm x 1metre

Soil Requirements: Any soil conditions though rich soils result in quickest growth.

Pruning: Responds well to pruning. Trim once a year in late spring to early summer but if kept to a low hedge may be re trimmed in September.

Special Requirements:

The species was collected in China in 1908

A mutation of the recently introduced Edmee Gold™,