Liriope muscari 'Moneymaker'

Liriope muscari 'Moneymaker'

Description: A clump forming evergreen perennial with dark green grass like foliage which is renowned for the spikes of rich blue purple flowers in late summer from August to November.  This variety is seen as the most prolific flowering variety and will create a stunning display.

Uses: Good at the front of a border as an edging plant and for mass planting used as effective ground cover in shaded locations.

Climate/Position: Prefers shade but will tolerate some sun. Also drought tolerant.

Height/Spread: 30 - 45 cm x 30 cm

Soil Requirements: Any soil but good in free draining sandy soils as the water filled tubers will tolerate drought.

Pruning: Avoid cutting back the leaves. You can rake through to remove dead leaves and keep tidy.

Special Requirements: Plants can be divided in March /April if clumps are very large but do not cut back the leaves as this will spoil the show.

Additional Interest: muscari refers to plant resembling the spring flowering bulb Muscari which has similar leaves and flowers.