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Lavandula angustifolia 'Blue Rider'

Lavandula angustifolia 'Blue Rider'

Description: A new dwarf and upright form of one of the best and most popular cultivars of Lavender. Only reaching 45cm tall, and in mid summer producing short spikes of an unusual deep blue flower above the aromatic grey green 'lavender' leaves. You can even collect the flowers for drying and helping a good nights sleep!

Uses: This  lavender is especially useful for the smaller garden and for patios. It can be used in front of a border, as a low hedge, in containers, in a herb garden or for attracting insects for wildlife. 

Climate/Position: Full sun preferred.

Height/Spread: 45cm x 45cm.

Soil Requirements: Free draining soil - avoid wet conditions.

Pruning: Always trim after flowering to keep compact tidy growth and avoid the plant getting leggy.

Special Requirements: Not a long lived plant so will need replacing after up to 10 years.

Additional Interest: The species was cultivated in the mediterranean in the 16th century by herbalists. The silver leaves are often a sign of mediterranean origin and therefore suggest sunny site and free draining soil is required.