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Laurus nobilis CONE

Laurus nobilis CONE

Description: An excellent evergreen shrub for a sunny and sheltered position in the garden. The cone shaped plants have been grown and trained to a precice shape and will give structure to a formal garden.  Usually plante in pairs whether in containers or on knot gardens, parteres or as accent plants.  An important plant to the landscape architect.

Uses: Suited to container growing and any formal plantings.  Good in confined areas in courtyards or patios and especially suited to urban use.

Climate / Position: Sun or partial shade.

Height / Spread: Though Laurus noblis has been known to reach 10m in very old specimens, as a containreised topiary plant with regular pruning its size and shape will remain the same as when you purchase it.

Soil Requirements: Prefers a moist but well drained soil.

Pruning: Remove wayward shoots in late winter to early spring to maintain healthy framework. Clip topiary specimens twice during summer to maintain shape.Ideally cut the stems with secatuers to avoid cutting the leaves in half which may cause browning of the cut edge.

Special Requirements: Shelter from cold winds.

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