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Knautia macedonica

Knautia macedonica

Description: A clump forming perennial with hundreds of pincushion deep reddish purple petals forming pom pom flowers  in profusion from mid to late summer flowers which are particularly attractive to bees and butterflies. The flowers look very similar to its close relative Scabious except for the rich dark colour.

Uses: A useful plant for naturalistic planting in drifts, among grasses and mixed borders with the added bonus of attracting native wildlife.

Climate / Position: Sun loving and drought tolerant

Height / Spread: Height 60-80cm. Spread 45cm.

Soil Requirements: Fertile, well- drained, alkaline soil (ie high pH).

Pruning: If naturalised then avoid cutting back after flowering to ensure the plant has dropped seed to add to the future display.

Special Requirements: Alkaline soil

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