Jasminum nudiflorum

Jasminum nudiflorum

Description: A winter flowering favourite. The bright yellow single flowers are bourne in flushes throughout winter from October to March and appear on the leafless dark green stems. It is a slender, deciduous shrub with arching green shoots and the summer leaves are small groups of three oblong leaflets.

Uses: Mostly grown as a climbing plant against a wall. A trellis or wires are needed to tie the plant to and then you are rewarded with a cascade of shoots. Can also be grown as a scandent ground cover plant but will need pruning to keep in control

Climate/Position: For best flowering then a sunny site is preferred but shade is also tolerated.

Height/Spread: Up to 3 x 3 metres if trained against a wall.

Soil Requirements: Any soil, rich fertile soils and poor soils both produce good plants.

Pruning: If grown on a wall then tie in the leaders and cut back the remainder of the shoots in spring after flowering. Old plants become matted with old growth and so they can be rejuvenated by removing one third of shoots to ground level. The following year remove another third and year three the final third. Train in new shoots as they grow.

Special Requirements:

Additional Interest: The plant name nudiflorum meaning naked flower referring to the flowers produced in named stems in winter.