Ilex x altaclerensis 'Golden King'

Ilex x altaclerensis 'Golden King'

Description: Ilex 'Golden King' is infact a female form of evergreen variegated Holly which produces red berries in autumn amongst the leathery and spiny leaves which have bright gold margins and green centres.

Develops into a slow growing small, bushy evergreen tree or shrub. Can also be used as an impenetrable informal hedge.

Climate/Position: Any position but useful plant as shade tolerant and still retaining golden variegation. Also tolerant of pollution so good for urban planting.

Very hardy,

Height/Spread: .As a tree will reach 5m x 3m in 20 years, ultimate height 8 metres

For hedges can be kept from 1-5metres high, plant 45-60cm apart.

Soil Requirements: Tolerates most soils

Pruning: If grown as tree or shrub will not need pruning unless shaping required. For hedging trim annually in late summer.

Special Requirements:

To encourage a crop of berries plant a male form of Ilex is nearby to ensure good pollination.

Found over a century ago growing in a garden, this is just one of several popular varieties of a garden hybrid, I. x altaclerensis, bred partly from the common English holly, I. aquifolium.