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Hypericum Magical

Hypericum Magical

Description: A new range of rust resistant Hypericum which mean the once useful Rose of Sharon can be used once again in the garden. This is a dwarf semi-evergreen variety with striking yellow flowers in summer , followed by a mass of berries in autumn that change colour to deep red amongst the dark green foliage.

Ideal for use at the front of mixed borders for long lasting displays, and can also be used for container growing.

Climate/Position: Partial shade prefered

Height/Spread: 90cm x 90cm

Soil Requirements: Any free draining soil

Pruning: Pruning the shoots by about one third in Spring will ensure new shoots and a bushy plant are maintained.

Special Requirements:

The Magical range of Hypericum was developed for use in the cut flower industry by growers in the Netherlands. Now the range is available for garden use with the great advantage of high resistance to rust and leaf spot which formerly reduced the use of Hypericums in garden situations.