Hosta 'Albomarginata' (fortunei)

Hosta 'Albomarginata' (fortunei)

Description: A herbaceous perennial grown mostly for the bold and showy large, shield-shaped leaves. The superb leaves of H. 'Albomarginata'  have deep green center and irregular creamy-white margins. Spikes of mauve flowers borne above the foliage appear in midsummer. There are now many new cultivars but this is one of the old favorites which is still very popular and easy to grow.

Uses: Has wide range of uses in beds and borders, in containers, used as ground cover or specimen plants near waterside in shade and also suited to half sun.

Climate/Position: A shade lover but more tolerant of sun than sometimes noted growing best with full morning sun but avoid afternoon sun to avaoid leaf scorch.

Height/Spread: Forms a dense matt of leaves to 30cm spread 50 cm, flower spikes taller.

Soil Requirements: Grow in moist or even wet but well-drained, fertile soil, however, also tolerates dry shade and drought.

Pruning: No pruning but tidy as leaves die back in autumn.

Special Requirements: A summer mulch is beneficial on dryer soils. Some slug control is beneficial on heavier and wet soils or the use of containers helps reduce potentail leaf damage.

Additional Interest: Hostas were introduced by Austrian botanist Nicholas Host (1761-1834) and this was a sport off Hosta fortunei introduced in 1887.