Hibiscus syriacus 'White Chiffon'

Hibiscus syriacus 'White Chiffon'

Description: Hibiscus are useful for late summer colour as they produce their showy flowers late in the season - from July to October. This recent introduction has beautiful pure white semi double flowers which show off amongst the mid green leaves.

A large shrub suited to a mixed border in a sunny position.

Climate/Position: Sunny, sheltered position required

Height/Spread: 1 metre x 1 metre but can slowly mature to a larger specimen.

Climate/Position: Sunny sheltered site prefered.

Height/Spread: 2- 3 metres x 1-2 metres

Soil Requirements: Any well drained fertile soil but slightly alkaline is preferable.

Pruning: Avoid pruning unless removing damaged stems or shaping the shrub.

Special Requirements: Be patient in spring as it is very late coming into leaf so don't think it has died!

Plant Breeders Rights apply

Though it is not know how Hibiscus were introduced into cultivation, the species was known to be present in the UK in the 16th century

This cultivar introduced in 1997 and is also known as 'Notwoodtwo' I was discovered by Dr. Roderick Woods, an amateur flower breeder of Cambridge,

England, the variety came close to not being saved. Dr. Woods was attempting to breed an improved pink when there appeared among his plants anemone-flowered sports and because they were not the pink, these sports were nearly destroyed. However, Ivan Dick of the National Hibiscus Collection in Woodbridge, Suffolk, saved two specimens for further development. These became 'White Chiffon' & 'Lavender Chiffon' initially marketed through Notcuts Nurseries in Suffolk.