Heuchera 'Marmalade'

Heuchera 'Marmalade'

Description: Mound forming, semi-evergreen herbaceous perennial useful for winter as well as summer colour. The exciting foliage of this heuchera has lobed and slightly ruffled leaves that emerge coppery-red with shades of pink and mature to bronze or yellow-brown. The undersides of the leaves are gorgeous bright pink. Slender, upright stems, bearing small red-brown flowers in late spring.

Uses: In drifts at the front of borders. Also good for container planting.

Climate/Position: Cool position - partial or dappled shade preferred.

Height/Spread: 30cm x 45cm

Soil Requirements: Good fertile, well-drained soil. Does not like it do be wet in winter.

Pruning: Trim back flower stalks after flowering in late summer. Tidy foliage end of winter before re growth.

Special Requirements: Heuchera do not like to be dried out or scorched in the growing season or excessively wet in the winter. Good compost added before planting will help water retention and drainage.

Additional Interest: Plant Breeders Rights apply (PBR).

Heuchera are resistant to the chemical Juglone produced by walnut trees to suppress vegetation beneath the canopy, so can be used in this difficult planting situation.