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Herb mix

Herb mix

Description: A wide range of herbs are stocked depending on the availability and the season. Many herbs have ornamental value as well as culinary and medicinal uses and are well worth adding to the garden.  The interest can be in shape and form as well as colour and some wonderful aromatic smells.  Flowers are often rich in pollen and nectar and attract bees and other insects to the garden too.  

Uses: Grow in a kitchen garden, in pots and containers either individually or in herb tubs, or grow in the mixed borders where space allows

Climate/Position: Sunny locations generally ensure richer oils and better flavour is produced.

Height/Spread: Can be 10 cm (thyme) to 2 metres (fennel)

Soil Requirements: Many herbs are mediteranean in origin and prefer sunny well drained sites such as rosemary (Rosmarinus) or sage (Salvia).  Others require a deeper rich soil such as Parsley so do check individual labels.

Pruning: Check labels but often the plants are pruned after flowering unless of course you will be collecting the seed for use such as fennel or coriander.

Special Requirements: Harvest frequently as needed but try to trim tidily to maintain aesthetic value of the plant.

Additional Interest: Study recipe books or herbal books to find range of uses for the herbs available.