Hedera helix 'Glacier'

Hedera helix 'Glacier'
Description: This popular and versatile evergreen climber has small neat leaves.  The classic ivy shaped leaves are three to five-lobed, grey-green with distinctive silver-grey and cream markings.  Mature plants have clusters of yellowish-green, autumn flowers, followed by spherical black fruit.

Uses: Good in a very wide range of locations.  Suited to covering banks and slopes where it will root into the soil and stabilise the area. Suited to urban and cottage gardens in all borders.  When grown on walls it is self clinging so requiring little maintenance.  Can also be used as a trailing plant in tubs and baskets and is even used in indoor planters .  Such a versatile plant.

Climate/Position:  Suitable for any aspect in full sun or partial shade.  Also tolerant of north facing site

Height/Spread:  1.5-2.5 metres x 1-1.5 metres.  However, as ground cover it is only 20cm high. .

Soil Requirements:  Any soil, preferably well drained.  good in rich or poor soils..

Pruning: May be left without pruning and so scrambling up walls or as ground cover, but will also respond well to heavy pruning if needed when getting too large or needs rejuvenating.  Best undertaken in later winter to allow fresh growth to develop but can be trimmed at any time of year.

Special Requirements:  

Additional Interest:  Fruit and berries are toxic when eaten