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Grevillea lanigera 'Mount Tamboritha'

Grevillea lanigera 'Mount Tamboritha'

Description: An evergreen shrub introduced from Australia. This is a prostrate, dwarf form with an attractive bushy habit and exotic looking pinkish red and cream honeysuckle like flowers which are produced over a long period through summer on the tips of the stems.

Grevilleas are being used much more often than previously as they have proved hardier than expected and new varieties are constantly being introduced. Best if planted with other southeren hemisphere plants in hot dry site. Good for ground cover.

Climate/Position: Full sun especially suited to a hot dry site. Sheltered spot is beneficial. Will happily grow outside in milder climates and is proving hardier than first thought.

Height/Spread: 60cm - 1 metre x 0.9m- 1.5m

Soil Requirements: Well drained soil with added grit preferred to help overwintering. Moderately fertile neutral to acid soil

Pruning: None required. Removal of damaged or straggly growth.

Special Requirements: