Ginkgo biloba 'Fastigiata Blagon'

Ginkgo biloba 'Fastigiata Blagon'

Description: An columnar and upright form of the popular Maidenhair tree.  A deciduous conifer with fresh green leaves in spring and in autumn the leaves are rich golden yellow before falling.  Compact habit so good where space is more limited.  A female form so does not produce fruit.

Uses: The compact habit makes it ideal for the smaller garden or borders with limited space.  Can also be grown in a large container.

Climate/Position: Sunny site preferred

Height/Spread: 10 metres x 2 metres

Soil Requirements:  Any soils including higher pH

Pruning: Unlikely to be required.

Additional Interest:  

Ginkgo is considered a fossil tree, which was known to be growing on earth at the time of the dinosaurs more than 160 million years ago and was thought to be extinct until found in the wild in China. This tree is very resistant to disease, pests and pollution.

Ginkgo is also renowned for its medicinal properties mainly used to help improve blood circulation to the body extremities so used where poor circulation is of concern.  Has also been shown to improve memory in the short term.