Feijoa sellowiana (Acca sellowiana)

Feijoa sellowiana (Acca sellowiana)

Description: A slow growing evergreen shrub with spoon shaped, grey-green leaves. Unusual flowers which look like a cross between aquilegia and fucshia in shape are produce in late summer. The striking, slightly fleshy flowers consist of crimson, pink and white petals with prominent, star-burst like, crimson stamens. The flowers are followed by edible, guava flavoured fruits. This plant is a real talking point. Drought tolerant once established and also tolerant of salt laden winds – so good in coastal areas.

Climate / Position: Sheltered site in full sun or partial shade.

Height / Spread: Height 4m after 20 years. Spread 3m after 20 years.

Soil Requirements: Will tolerate most soil types but does not like a soil that is too wet.

Pruning: No pruning is required, however light pruning does produce more leaf growth. If grown as a hedge the feijoa can be pruned hard but this will affect flowering.

Special Requirements: Does not like a waterlogged soil. Two plants are needed for fruit production.

Very popular in Europe. First introduced from South America by a French horticulturist, Edouard Andre in 1890. Originally the plant was tested in Andre’s garden for almost a decade and then was successfully planted along the French Riviera.