Fascicularia bicolor

Fascicularia bicolor

Description: An unusual evergreen outdoor bromeliad which may overwinter in the warmest areas bu otherwise treat as a tender perennial. Forms rosettes of spiny, tough leaves and bright red foliage to the centre of each rosette surrounding a mass of small blue flowers in summer This striking plant will create a real talking point in any garden.

A real stunner for late summer and great for any tropical garden look. Looks great with other rosette forming plants and other exotics.

Climate / Position: Requires full sun for the best colour.

Height / Spread: Slow growing, compact low mounding to 40x40cm.

Soil Requirements: Poor, well drained soil. Keep soil moist during growing season and water sparingly in winter.

Special Requirements: Protect from frost and cold winds and damp winter conditions. Good drainage is essential.