Fargesia murielae

Fargesia murielae

Description: An excellent  clump forming evergreen bamboo with slender arching yellow green canes and bright green lanceolate leaves which are a beautiful combination.  Very hardy plant.  Provides an excellent decorative specimen in many situations with good sound effect in soft winds.


Uses:  Good for use as an architectural plant and also useful as a screening plant which is softer than a formal hedge.  Can be grown in large pots and containers where space is limited.  If sited in afternoon or evening sun on the stems this is particularly effective.

Climate/Position:  Any aspect in sun or shade though a sheltered position is preferred.

Height/Spread:  2.5 - 4 metres x 1-1.5 metres

Soil Requirements:  Any moisture retentive soil is suitable.

Pruning:  Remove old and thin stems to maintain the best and cleanest effect.

Special Requirements:  Like all other Fargesias, it does not have running rhizomes and needs no containment to prevent spread.

Additional Interest: Introduced from China by renowned plant hunter Earnest Wilson in 1913 and named after his daughter. Has also been known as Arundinaria murielae, Sinarundinaria murielae, Fargesia spathacea and Thamnocalamus spathaceus