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Euphorbia x martini 'Ascot Rainbow'

Euphorbia x martini 'Ascot Rainbow'

Description: A hardy variegated Euphorbia with narrow blue-green leaves edged in yellow and in cool weather the shoots tips are tinged with pink. In late winter and spring the dark-eyed green flower heads are also tinged with yellow. Euphorbia x martini ‘Ascot Rainbow' stands out for its bright variegation and its winter hardiness.

Uses: Thrives in a sunny border and excellent as a container specimen but ensure good drainage.

Climate/Position: A sunny position required.

Height/Spread: 50 cm height and spread.

Soil Requirements: Any soil that is well-drained - will not tolerate wet winter soils.

Pruning: Cut out old flower shoots in late autumn - spring before new shoots appear.

Special Requirements: All parts of the plant are highly toxic if ingested. The milky sap may cause irritation to skin and eyes. When working with the plant then ensure gloves are used - especially if sunny

Additional Interest: Found originally in Australia as a sport E. x martini, it tolerates the Australian summer heat as well as a harsh winter.