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Euphorbia polychroma

Euphorbia polychroma

Description: A favorite for many as its fresh chartreuse greeny yellow flowers appear in early spring and look great with dwarf yellow daffodils or stunning with dwarf red tulips. The bright chrome yellow flowers are actually bracts or modified leaves and last for a number of weeks and fade to lime then rust. These together with fresh green leaves in an attractive round clump means this perennial looks good throughout spring and summer.

Uses: Ideal for front of border, rockery or any other sunny site.

Climate/Position: Good in full sun

Height/Spread: Height: 30-45 cm x 45-60 cm (spreading as it self seeds)

Soil Requirements: Grows well in any garden soil

Pruning: If you cut the flowering stems after flowering then you may get a second flush later in summer.

Special Requirements: All parts of plant are poisonous if ingested and handling any Euphorbia may cause skin irritation or allergic reaction especially in sunny conditions.

Additional Interest: The common name Spurge comes from old French ‘espurge’ - when used by physicians in medieval times to spurge evil spirits – gladly a practice that is now defunct!

The plant's other common name comes from its cushion-like, dome-shaped growth habit.