Euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae

Euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae

Description: Robust, evergreen perennial with rosettes of dark leaves forming a dense mat and so ideal for ground cover even in a shady spot. Acid - lime green flower heads are held proudly above the foliage in late spring to summer and they last well into the late summer providing interest for most of the season.

Uses: Although this plant prefers partial shade it will provide useful plant for ground cover in sun or shade. Plant with ferns for a great display.

Climate / Position: Prefers partial shade.

Height / Spread: Height 60cm. Spread 40cm+

Soil Requirements: Moist, well drained soil. Can tolerate poor soils.

Pruning : Cut out old flowered stems after flowering in the autumn as these are biennial and will die after flowering and can then look untidy. New shoots will then form from the base and these will flower next year.Prune with caution as the sap can cause skin irritation and so wear gloves when pruning also avoiding doing this in sunshine as this will exaggerate any problem.

Special Requirements: The sap can cause skin and eye irritation. Toxic if eaten.

Additional Interest: The common name Spurge comes from old French ‘espurge’ - when used by physicians in medieval times to spurge evil spirits – gladly a practice that is now defunct!