Escallonia 'Iveyi'

Escallonia 'Iveyi'

Description: A vigorous and upright form of Escallonia with rich green glossy leaves which are larger than many forms. In mid to late summer the plants produce a clusters of white tubular scented flowers which look like blossom. Ideal at the back of a border or can be grown as a hedge in sheltered sites. Also good for coastal planting.

Climate/Position: Full sun

Height/Spread: 3 x 3 metres

Soil Requirements: Any well drained soil. Drought tolerant.

Pruning: In general little pruning is needed though shaping the plant and perhaps controlling size may be needed so pruning is undertaken in late summer after flowering. In severe winter weather, the top growth of Escallonias may be killed, however, if left untouched then nearly always the plants will respond with new growth from the base and then all old dead growth can be removed.

Special Requirements:

E. bifida × E. x exoniensis (E. rosea x E.rubra)introduced in early 1900s.

The Genus is named after Escallon a Spanish traveller