Dryopteris filix-mas

Dryopteris filix-mas

Description:  A fern commonly found throughout Europe in moist woodlands.  Distinctive upright shuttlecock shaped fern leaves emerge in spring and a a lovely fresh green as they unfurl. The dark green leaves in summer look superb in a shaded woodland setting.  These large leaves then turn coppery in autumn for further interest.

Uses: Good in moist woodland situations or shaded borders.  Lovely with other woodland plants and with evergreen ferns

Climate/Position:  Partial shade

Height/Spread:  up to 1.2 metre x 1 metre 

Soil Requirements: Moist soils, humus rich to retain moisture

Pruning: Cut back old fronds in winter so that the shoots unfurling in spring can be seen.

Special Requirements: Plant into well prepared soil with added compost.  Mulching with additional well rotted compost in subsequent years is advantageous.