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Diascia fetcaniensis 'Daydream'

Diascia fetcaniensis 'Daydream'

Description: Though there are tender varieties of Diascia, this is a hardy variety producing a mass display of stunning summer-long intense pink flowers. Low growing, spreading habit so ideal for the front of a border and also for trailing over the front of containers. If plants are trimmed back after flowering this will encourage a further flush of colour for extended rich display in the garden.

Climate/Position: Suited for partial shade to full sun in exposed or sheltered position.

Height/Spread: 15 cm x 50cm spread - clump forming.

Soil Requirements: Best in moist, but well drained soil

Pruning: Can be trimmed back after flowering to tidy and get more flowers.

Special Requirements: Ensure soils not wet in winter as this may effect its hardiness.

Raised by Kim Davies of Lingen Nursery, Shropshire.