Cotinus 'Grace'

Description: A vigorous, architectural, bushy shrub with large, oval, purple-coloured leaves, up to 10 cms in length that turn bright-red in autumn. Also noted for the mass of billowy pinkish flower plumes or 'smoke' which provide additional interest in autumn on unpruned plants.

Uses: Shapely rounded habit and remaining a popular plant for summer and autumn colour in any mixed border.

Climate/Position: Sunny position for best colour.

Height/Spread: Up to 6 metres x 4 meters.

Soil Requirements: Any moist, well drained soil.

Pruning: Generally pruning not required, though shaping a young plant might be required. Alternatively, hard pruning in March will encourage larger leaves and more vigorous growth.

Special Requirements:  If regular hard pruning is undertaken then additional mulch of organic matter in spring as well as feeding is recommended.

Additional Interest: A cross of the European smoke bush (C. coggygria) and the American smoke tree (C. obovatus).