Corylus maxima 'Red Zellernut'

Corylus maxima 'Red Zellernut'

Description: As well as having superb large purple hazel leaves this form has long pinkish purple catkins which smother the plant in Febraury/March. These are infact the male flowers.  The edible nuts produced in late summer are also purple and so give additional interest - and taste.

Uses: Good in any mixed border or can be used as an informal hedge.

Climate/Position: Best in full sun or partial shade. Protect from East winds to avoid leaf scorch.

Height/Spread: 3m x 3m

Soil Requirements: Any fertile soil though slightly acidic soli is prefered.

Pruning: No pruning required but may be rejuvinated by removing one or two older stems at the base.

Special Requirements: 

Additional Interest: