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Corylus colurna 'Te-Terra Red'

Corylus colurna 'Te-Terra Red'

Description: An unusual and recent purple introduction of the Turkish hazel. Long, elegant pink-red catkins are produced in spring, followed by purple deep-veined leaves. The rich purple foliage is held late into the autumn together with the strongly coloured, deeply fringed, purple nuts are produced in clusters of 3 or more. Also noted for its interesting corky bark.

Classed as a small tree, large shrub. This is a lovely plant suited to most garden situations. Has a slight upright habit.

Climate / Position: Full sun is best for strong leaf colour.

Height / Spread: Height 2.5m, spread 2m after 8 years. Eventual height up to 4m.

Soil Requirements: Any soil. Good on chalky soils.

Pruning: None required. Remove suckers.

Special Requirements: None