Cornus kousa Samaratin

Cornus kousa Samaratin

Description: A new variegated form of the beautiful flowering dogwood which is particularly strong growing and hardy. The leaves which are irregularly margined with cream and a soft green central splash. The beautiful white and showy 'flowers' are infact bracts and are produced in early summer and then additional interest is provided in autumn when the leaves turn shades of red with purple margins. In hot summers it may produce a mass of pinky red spherical fruit which give added autumn interest. Produces a medium shrubby plant slower and less vigorous than the species.

Uses: Can be used as a small tree out of full sun, good in woodland planting.

Climate/Position: Full sun to partial shade

Height/Spread:  Up to 4 x 3 metres

Soil Requirements: Requires a neutral to acid soil preferably fertile and well drained soil, dislikes shallow and chalky soil.

Pruning: None required. remove any dead twigs or branches.

Special Requirements: Avoid full sun as the leaves may be scorched in summer.

Additional Interest: An new introduction which was an off spring of Cornus kousa 'Milky Way' originating at Lake County Nursery in Ohio. Trade name = 'Samzam' Plant Breeders Rights apply.