Cornus kousa 'Gold Star'

Cornus kousa 'Gold Star'

Description: A variegated form of the beautiful flowering dogwood. The beautiful white and showy bracts are produced in early summer. The foliage is splashed with a gold centre and so remains of interest until late autumn when they will turn shades of red with purple margins. In hot summers it may produce a mass of pinky red spherical fruit which give added autumn interest. Produces a medium shrubby plant slower and less vigorous than the species.

Uses:Can be used as a small tree out of full sun, good in woodland planting.

Climate/Position: Full sun to partial shade

Height/Spread: 2.5 metres x 2 metres

Soil Requirements: Requires a neutral to acid soil preferably fertile and well drained soil, dislikes shallow and chalky soil.

Pruning: None required. remove any dead twigs or branches.

Special Requirements: Avoid full sun as the leaves may be scorched in summer.