Cornus alba 'Aurea'

Cornus alba 'Aurea'

Description: A vigorous form of red stemmed dogwood. Grown for both its red stems which provide excellent autumn colour, as well as the soft greenish-yellow foliage in summer.

If grown for winter stem colour and therefore stooled (cut back to near ground level each year) then no flowers will be seen.

Excellent for shrub borders or watersides and especially useful in a designated winter border

Climate/Position: Sun or partial shade

Height/Spread: up to 3 x 4 metres if not pruned. However, size greatly reduced if pruned for winter stem colour.

Soil Requirements: Grow in neutral to acidic, well drained or damp soil.

Pruning: When grown specifically for its stems then cut down at least one third of the stems hard in March to near ground level (stooling). If left as a shrub then little pruning is needed but can be trimmed to keep a nice shape

Special Requirements:

If stooled for winter colour then ensure plants are mulched with organic matter and fed each spring to maintain its growth.