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Clematis 'Piilu'

Clematis 'Piilu'

Description: A large flowered hybrid clematis of mid size habit with an unusual characteristic. The large blooms produced early in the year are pink with a darker reddish pink bar and yellow anthers, and the flowers are double, however, those produced later in the summer are single.

Climate/Position: Sunny position against a wall or fence, cool at the base.

Height/Spread: Reaches 3 metres x 1.2 metres spread

Soil Requirements: Humus rich, fertile and well drained soil. The roots of clematis like to be kept cool.

Pruning: After establishment and training onto fence or wall, this mid sized large flowered variety requires little or no pruning. (Group 2)

Special Requirements: To keep roots cool you can plant amongst low growing shrubs. If planting in containers, ensure the pot is large enough to ensure roots are not restricted too much.

This Clematis was intriduced in 1988 by Uno Kivistik from USSr/Estonia. It is a hybrid of Hagley Hybrid/Pink Chiffon.