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Clematis 'Fragrant Spring'

Clematis 'Fragrant Spring'
Description: A vigorous, early flowering clematis producing a mass of flowers up to 9 cm across   The pink flowers have a distinctive yellow centre and are beautifully fragrant.  They are produced in May and June amongst the new  bronze-tinted foliage. 

Uses: Good for using next to a path or walkway so the spring fragrance can be appreciated. Ideal on a North facing wall or pergola.

Climate/Position:  Full sun or partial shade but will also tolerate the shade of a North wall 

Height/Spread:   Reaches up to 10 metres x 3 metre

Soil Requirements:  Humus rich, fertile and well drained soil. The roots of clematis like to be kept cool.

Pruning:  Clematis Group 1   After establishment and training onto fence or wall, this vigorous variety requires no pruning.  However, if the plant does need to be tidied or rejuvenated then prune immediately after flowering by cutting back the longest shoots to healthy buds. 

Special Requirements: To keep roots cool you can plant amongst low growing shrubs. If planting in containers, ensure the pot is large enough to ensure roots are not restricted too much.  Apply a mulch of well rotted manure or compost in spring after pruning.  This helps feed the plant and also aids water retention

Additional Interest: A relatively new introduction raised by Proefstation voor de Boomkwekerij in Boskoop, The Netherlands and introduced in 1992  The name Clematis comes from the Greek word 'klema' meaning vine branch. Refers to the vine-like habit of many of the species.