Chamaerops humilis 'Vulcano'

Chamaerops humilis 'Vulcano'


A recent variant of Europe's only native palm, This slow growing form is even more compact than the species with tight compact leaves borne in great numbers forming a clump and suckering with age. Very cold hardy and the perfect small palm for full sun. Useful and reliable addition to the garden when trying to create an exotic feel with the large palmate leaves. Very suited to growing in exposed coastal gardens, in a border, in a container outside, in the conservatory or as a houseplant.

Climate/Position: Can be grown in full sun or light shade. More tolerant of windy conditions than many palms. Drought tolerant as originating in the Mediterranean region but not tolerant of wet soils

Height/Spread: Up to 2 x 2 metres in the U.K if planted outside but will be restricted to less if grown in container.

Soil Requirements: Well drained soil especially in winter.

Pruning: Generally none required though removal of dead leaves will keep plant looking its best.

Special Requirements: Best if given some winter protection until established. Feeding in summer advised especially if planted in a container.

Named after the Vulcano island off Sicily in the Mediterranean where it was supposedly found growing.