Chamaerops humilis

Chamaerops humilis


A slow growing clump forming palm with neat compact habit and hardy down to -12 degrees centigrade. This makes it a useful and reliable addition to the garden when trying to create an exotic feel with the large palmate leaves. Very suited to growing in a border, in a container outside, in the conservatory or as a houseplant.

Climate/Position: Can be grown in full sun or light shade. More tolerant of windy conditions than many palms. Drought tolerant as originating in the Mediteranean region.

Height/Spread: Up to 2 x 2 metres in the U.K if planted outside but will be restricted to less if grown in container.

Soil Requirements: Well drained soil especially in winter.

Pruning: Generally none required though removal of dead leaves will keep plant looking its best.

Special Requirements: Best if given some winter protection until established. Feeding in summer advised especially if planted in a container.