Ceratostigma willmottianum 'Forest Blue'

Ceratostigma willmottianum 'Forest Blue'

Description: The rich blue flowers are the attraction of the hardy plumbago.  A new spreading and compact form with semi evergreen fresh green leaves, each leaf having a reddish margin. The foliage make an excellent background for the clusters of blue flowers from August to October. At the end of flowering in autumn, the leaves turn shades of rich red and are stunning.

Uses: Good in a range of situations but ideal in the front of borders as it has a spreading habit. Also good against a sunny walls and with grasses for autumn interest.

Climate/Position: Sun or shade, any aspect is suited though colouring is best in a sunny site.

Height/Spread: up to 1 metre x 1.2 metre spread

Soil Requirements: Any fertile soil.

Pruning: Trim and shape in spring if needed otherwise no pruning required.

Special Requirements: Good mulching after planting and in spring improves the soil water retention and helps the plant.

Additional Interest: PBR - Plant Breeders Rights apply. Trade name == 'Lice'