Ceanothus 'El Dorado'

Ceanothus 'El Dorado'

Description: An unusual form of variegated Ceanothus. Upright habit with glossy green and gold variegated leaves and a profusion of fragrant blue flowers in late spring. The contrast between variegated foliage and flower is best against a dark backdrop.

Climate / Position: Full sun / partial shade. Shelter from strong afternoon sun.

Height / Spread: Slow rate of growth to height and spread 1.5- 2m. Upright habit.

Soil Requirements: Well drained soil.

Pruning: Prune after flowering. May be damaged in severe winters but will respond to heavier than usual pruning so also suited to regenerative pruning if required.

Special Requirements: Shelter from strong afternoon sun.

Discovered in nursery in UK. Best planted against a dark wall to emphasise the leaf variegation.